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Tips For Lester
Bios - Ryan Broderick

Cool Tunes History Corey Weisinger WELCOME HIM! new bassist! Discography

Ryan plays drums lefty and righty
ryan has a really hot girlfriend

NaMe: Ryan Broderick (ry)
Marital status: Just broke up with angela - 3/19/03.  weve been goin out for 1year and 8 months. i need my space... 3/22/03 - just got back with Ang.
Desired marital status: Back with angela so no desires.
Favorite bands: THRICE, nirvana, dream theature, metallica, AFI
Favorite drummer: Dennis Chambers, Neil Peart, John Bohnamh, and Mike Piortney
Favorite song: Thrice - to awake and avenge the dead
Reason why "tips for lester" is a good name: Because our logo on the front page of the site totally fits our name, its great!
Things you do when ur not at band pratice: MY GIRLFRIEND 
Equipment: A drumset. Tama, iron cobra double bass pedal highhat, iron cobra snair, zildgian crashes, splash, tama bass, tama tom toms, and a lot of other symbols too much to write.
Favorite saying or quote: I forgot my spanish text book
Best part about being in TFL: Hanging out with the guys, and playing really intense beats, rockin out, just laughing about the crazy conversations we have at 20 min. break time. I wanna record cds for ever and just play shows i heart this band and the ones we play with

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