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Tips For Lester
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Corey Weisinger WELCOME HIM! new bassist!

The Band Story...

TFL has always been a five-piece band with singer, two guitars, bassist, and drummer. We started up over the summer with Joe Murphy singing, Mike Matera and Marc Krell on guitar, Tamir Taylor on bass, and Rob Turner on drums. Joe, Mike, and Tamir had already been playing together in Big Jose and they knew Krell was an awesome guitarist. Mike and Krell, with some help from Joe, started writing songs like crazy and in a week we already had five. Soon Rob's obsession with tennis got in the way and once we couldn't play at his house anymore, we started looking for a new drummer. Mike suggested the 11 year old drummer from his old band (Idle Minds) who really wanted to be in a band. Nick replaced Rob on drums and a week later we had our first show at castle golf. Now Ryan's our new drummer and were looking to record a cd and get more gigs.
one ordinary average day krell went to a yankee game with the fam. he got picked up by a bus. the busdrivers name was Lester. he found it unecessarily amusing because his name was Lester and had a piggy bank on his dashboard that said "tips for lester".  besides that, krell was just ammused how funny he looked.  our goal as a band is to support busdrivers in the bronx and make sure that our government officials are doing the best they can to protect them from "hoodlems" (eww did i just say "hoodlems"?) we also want to save taxi drivers from getting murdered. We as a band would like to greet lester one day and play a backyard show for him. well considering he lives in the city it would be a back lot crack dealing ally show....
thanks for all who have read.  and you can tell us first hand that we are the most retarted people on this earth for making this band name the name it is today. atleast its better then like jammed locker or something....

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