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Tips For Lester
Bios - Marc Krell

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Marc Krell (Rhythm Guitar, Backup Vocals)

Krell is a mexican half jew
he never stops playing the guitar

NaMe: Mark Krell
Marital status:

Desired marital status: Not a virgin.
Favorite bands: NOFX, MXPX, h2o, thrice, AFI, patent pending, a-mandown, scooby dont's.
Favorite guitarist: I would have to say Rebecca Mcnulty...check her stuff out its amazing
Favorite song: Foo fighters- breakout, Patent pending- cheer up emo kid.
Reason why Tips For Lester is a good name-
I thought of it.

Things you do when ur not at band pratice: practice without the band, write songs, attempt to learn drums (im geting better)
Equipment: Ibanez GAX70 with an invader II humbucker pickup in the bridge position,  50 foot cord, and a fender princeton 112 65 watt amp.
Favorite saying or quote: "It would help if I gave a shit".- krell, "mmmmmmmmmmmhmmmmmm".-krell.
Best part about being in TFL: Playing shows, doing stuff
Email Adress: For nude pics (girls only) and questions about the band

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