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Tips For Lester
Bios - Tamir Taylor

Cool Tunes History Corey Weisinger WELCOME HIM! new bassist! Discography

Joe Murphy (Lead Vocals)
Mike Matera (Lead Guitar, Backup Vocals)
Marc Krell (Rhythm Guitar, Backup Vocals)
Tamir Taylor (Bass)

Tamir playing crazy bass solos
tamirs like in 20 bands thats how good he is

NaMe: Tamir Taylor
Marital Status:
havent had a gf in a long time
Desired Marital Status:
theres a lots of shit i wanna put here, but im afraid my parents will check the site
Favorite bands:
Just about anything that I know how to play especially Green Day, NOFX, Ramones, Nirvana, Bush, Weezer, Bosstones, Smash Mouth (only Fush Yu Mang). Less Than Jake, Hives
Patent Pending is amazing
amandown, scoobydonts, and false appearance are good too

Favorite bassist:
Mike Dirnt from Green Day, Flea from RHCP, and Geezer Butler from Black Sabbath
Favorite song:
damn, so many, here are few:
NOFX - linoleum, all of me, the brews, lower  
Smash Mouth - padrino, pet names, why cant we be friends
Nirvana - aneurysm live, new wave polly
Less Than Jake - last one out of liberty city
Reason why "tips for lester" is a good name:
cause the letters 'TFL' are easy to shave into the back of krells head
Things you do when ur not at band pratice:
watch 'american history x' and 'pootie tang' over and over again and play ping-pong with ishma, bobby, beef, chris, and kwok
Equipment: Ibanez EDB600GP bass, Hartke 60W amp
Favorite saying or quote:
"You pale pastry, pastrami eating, cracka motherfucker, $100 says I make you my bitch" - American History X
"im gonna sine your pitty on the runny kind" - Pootie Tang
"GOOD MORNING" - Conspiracy Brother
"Let's fuck"
Best part about being in TFL:  theres nothing more fun than playing a show

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