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Tips For Lester

Cool Tunes History Corey Weisinger WELCOME HIM! new bassist! Discography

*= upcoming shows

*11.) When: July 9th  6:00 PM
Where: Krells house
Bands: TFL and TBA
Fee: Invitation only
10.)When: May 6th 2003, time tba, BATTLE OF THE BANDS
Where: Gelinas Middle School
Bands: Life in a suitcase, Just another trip!!!! (callies brothers band we've heard great reviews.....), and LEAP OF FAITH!!!
Fee: TBA
9.) When: MAY 3rd 2003, Time - Tba, THE LONG ISLAND BOYS SCOUT CONVENTION SHOW, EXPECTED 25 THOUSAND PEOPLE THERE!! (no joke, and we know patrick scherer will be there to start all the insane pits!)
11:00 - a MaNDOWN
12:30 - Tips For Lester
3:00   - Home Town Losers
3:30   - Tips For Lester (again)
in between, theres also a bunch of other local acts... just some dancing and shit no1 prolly wants to see, but its cheap so just go
Where: Sports Plus
Bands: TFL, a MaNDOWN, Home Town Losers
8.) when: April 26th 2003, TFL CD RELEASE SHOW
Where: The village pub
Bands: Tsd, Confined,
Fee: 10 bones
When: SHOW POSTPONED till further notice
Where: Paulieboy McGrath's House
Bands: aMaNDOWN, The Misled, TSD
Fee:  it would be appreciated if you dress up like a shit gutter punk if you go
6.)  When: April 19th 2003, starts in the afternoon
Where:  BEEF'S HOUSE!!
Bands: TSD, a-mandown, BIGjose, the misled.
Fee: nah
5.)  When: March 29th 2003, starts at 1 pm
Where: Hungarian Hall, in ronkonkoma
Bands: Yesterday, Slim to None, <3 The Scooby Donts <3, the Misled, Deface, the waxinators, Seconds to Sundown, under 21, Milton, and Amerillis...
Fee:  6$, all ages
Directions: from the lie: take the LIE to exit 59. Go North on Ocean Ave. It is about 300 feet on the left (west) side of Ocean Ave.
4.)  When: March 14th 2003 "the first HUGE stage experience/TALENT SHOW" 7:00
Where: Ward Melville Auditorium
Bands: Leap of Faith, Haven, Tyranny, Diversity, and solo acts
Fee:  5 bones, go to the homeless in REDHOOK PLAYA
3.)  When: Jan 3rd 2003 "the welcome to 2003 show" 7:00
Where: Castle Golf
Bands: 3 metal bands, aMaNDOWN, and PATENT PENDING
Fee: 8 bones
2.)  When: November 19th 2002 "coffee house show"
Where: Ward Melville cafeteria.
Bands: aMaNDOWN, LEAP OF FAITH, 70 Residential, and some gay band.
Fee: 5 bones
1.)  When: August 28th 2002 "first show ever for TFL" 6:30
Where: Castle Golf
Bands: The Scooby Don'ts, a-MaNDOWN, False Appearence, Patent Pending
Fee: 8 bones
we need gigs. we are ready to play about a 45 minute set, so if you need someone for a concert, and someone to put on a good show, email us.
If youre having a party or a concert or anything like that and you want us to play let one us know. We'll play just about anywhere, anytime.

Thanks for taking a look at the site. Contact us, and tell us what you think. The site will be updated frequently, so check back soon.