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Tips For Lester
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Corey Weisinger WELCOME HIM! new bassist!

Last updated: 9/1/03
 TFL 8/02 - 8/03
Woo hoo!! e-mail the band for booking, questions, or merch. at 

Scroll ALL THE WAY down for a look at tamir's drawing of the band

ugly guy on crapper
We dont have a band logo just yet, so were gonna use this ugly black guy sitting on a toilet. enjoy.

This is Tips For Lester's official website. We're a local punk band in the Three Village Area on Long Island and we play originals and some covers. Hopefully we'll be playing a few shows this year and we just finished a cd called Pocket Change, just a 5 song Demo so go out and buy it!

goofy looking picture of us

TFL is:
Joe Murphy - Lead Vocals
Mike Matera - Lead Guitar, Backup Vocals
Marc Krell - Rhythm Guitar, Backup Vocals
Tamir Taylor - Bass
Ryan Broderick - Drums

Thanks for taking a look at the site. Contact us, and tell us what you think. The site will be updated frequently, so check back soon.