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Tips For Lester

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yeah, its mike (again), this will be the last news entry i will post..... id like to say thanks to all of the people who wrote tfl rip in there profiles that really touched me, getting teary eyed lol.  well hopefully me and marc will find some band to play with. its ashamed we cant still play in this band but what can you do right? thanks goes out to tinny, frank, and brian from pint size recordings, hometownlosers, amandown, tsd,  and basically anyone who has listened to the cd, came to a show, or just said good job in general, and thank yous go out to those who gave us ideas on what to improve on. and thank yous go out to our families for letting us make loud excessive noise in there houses. favorite TFL moment: everyone who did the congo line at the gelinas battle of the bands to apathy.
its done its over with, my dream is dead.... ryan doesnt want to play with us anymore he has better things to do like play with dan travis. so looks like we're dead.....say goodbye we are no more.... find a new drummer you say.....well we basically asked everyone and they say "they are in a band already" so and krell are gonna continue writing songs if you are a bassist and a drummer and wanna play with us in a band feel free to contact us. FUCK MAN this sucks so much. if ryan would like to play with us again we will come back but i dont think he's going to.....say your final good byes on the guestbook....... i thank anyone who has came to a show, took a listen to the cd, or just said good job in general.  
its mike again, hey everyone......ready for us again?....... thursday we do a recap practice day go over all the songs and put together 2 more songs completing our 13 songs.... for our 13 song full length we are gonna record come school with our good pals from pint size! they are fully equiped with some improved shit they got a really cool sound card where they can make each drum on the drumest its own track on the cakewalk! that means we can master anypart of the drumset instead the whole thing it self.... well we are looking into booking shows now so we dont have to do it later where if we did we would probably be playing sometime in nov!  so email us if your amandown or hometownlosers or ahimsa or somebody if your viewing this and in one of those bands..... ....... we are taking our good friends and krells cousins BRIAN'S advice by screaming more to take away some of the pop in our songs you know? .... i.e. not fair, punk rock king,.... the 7 songs that are not on the demo are a tad different then the ones on the demo... more hardcore and just songs that we appreciate more and most.... but we do have one more idiot ska song aside from the hardcore....also we have an intermission song it features mike and marc of tfl and there friends dan and brian who formed a blood brothers tribute band just for amusement soooooo that means 13 originals and if we are lucky we will put billy joel "pressure"  as a cover for 14 songs.....i doubt this will be on the full length though........ damn this is getting long..... well thursday is definate for a practice.. ill update with things on thursday, later
                                                                ~miguel martinez 
hmmmm any day now..........any day now........basically waiting on ryan
hey everyone today would mark the one year anniversary of tips for year ago today tamir had the idea of coming up with a serious band aside from his other band "bigjose"  he wanted joe me and krell to play.  we had rob turner for drums but his obsession with tennis got in the way plus he sucked alot.... and today a year ago would mark the first practice for us in tamirs appartment.  ahh good times. well we went through alot of drama this year.....yet it was the funnest times as well. it sucked when we got shaft when the founder of the band quit on us but things are looking better thought.....corey is doing pretty well with all the songs.... in other news we are still waiting for ryan to get back to start up again we all cant wait..... we got some news songs and we have enough for a full length that would count 12 plus a cover 13 we want to put on the album "pressure" by billie joel it sounds really awesome. we are going to be recording with "pint size" again when school year starts and they got new equipment so the sound is gonna be improved....
to clear up things..... regarding the last entry....ryan is not out of the band. i was just really pissed that day like way out of porportion.... and we asked him if it was understandable that we were a little bit upset and he said of course. and we are basically still gonna use andrew as fill in for when ryan leaves and when ry gets back it will be the old tfl again. except with out tamir lol... alright its late im out...
                                                                    ~miguel blank matera
hi guys. This first half of the summer sucked so much because ryan had other important things he had to do. he basically put us on hold for filling in for leap of faith shows and playing drums in theatre production plays.  We are basically fed up to the point of kicking ryan out but we wont do that because we are pussys because theres no other good free drummers. where was i? i lost my train of thought....ummmmm....yea i forgot. oh yea we basically lost the whole first part of the summer and on sunday ryan is leaving for europe for 2 and a half weeks. plans take in andrew weeden for the drum position.  i went to his house the other day and he is actually really good.  like really for schizzle. but it sucks cuz he has a really bad drum set not a bad drum set but bad ride symbols.... yea we are gonna suck really bad. on a serious note... lisa a good friend of ours gave us some advice... she said "maybe you should take the whole summer off because obviously things are way too hectic."  i would cry if we went that route because i live for this shit and i did not buy 2300 dollars(total) worth of equipment to go to waste. i think that not doing anything for the summer except working at fucking mcdonalds will drive me places to where i would eventually kill myself in utter disapointment and self pity.  if anybody has GOOD advice like anyone wanna join the band who is good please contact the band on the contact page...oh wait no thats on the home page..... ok bye
                  ~mike and mizzarc krell                                                       
howday yall. long time since i updated so heres whats going on.  As all of you know tamir quit the band so what did we do? oh yea we gotta bass player joe gigalow.  He lives really far away and he wasnt as good as we thought we heard he was.  So we tried out Corey Weisinger yesterday and he picked up all the songs really good.  Corey will now be our bassist.  ok and in other news we have a show tonight at Senor Krells casa and we still dont know whos playing bass for us hahahahaa....
even though tamir has quit the band we need a last show ever for him right since he was the founder of this band literrally.  After the show he moves on to better things like amandown and gets to devote all of his time to them.  after the show we are putting JOE GIGLIO in his bass spot for tfl. 
tamir has quit the band. he was very good.  we thank him for all the hard work he put into the band.... and now we are looking for another bassist but theres so little bass players out there but if your one of them in need of a band email the band at  Its cool how like i bought a 600 dollar amp and now i dont get to use it. yea and we probably wont be playing the show on tuesday.  tamir has his band amandown hopefully he will be more happy there.
hey guys. nothing too much is going since tamir being grounded and all but we do have some sad news to tell you.  Theres a very good chance that Marc will be moving in August to hickstown upstate Albany.  Its so sad to see him go he meant alot to this band.  Hopefully TFL will continue. Its going to be tough replacing him or we should not replace him because you cant replace marc krell and his unique chord patterns he comes up with.  So chances are TFL will become a 4some.  But if you are really interested maybe we'll try something out.  Guitar players email the band at in other news there is none
hey guys what up? any ways we had our first practice in a while in it felt so good to play. IT was so much fun. We came up with 2 new songs and another one we didnt do much on. 1 of the songs is 4 an a half minutes long....our longest yet.  Plans are to make a full length in august.  and drawing plans are being created for T SHIRTS laura urban????? strange.... yea we'll have our own drawing before we see hers. with crap 
we got more sexy pics of the sports plus show and recording so all you girls can orgasim to hehee.... we will have pictures of the village pub show up as well, if kramer ever finds the time to send them to us...
The Gelinas show kicked ass!! probably our best show ever.  The congo line on apathy was awesome and like people were moshing at the foot of the stage it was like no one was controlling you guys.  Although leap of faith did so well, like half the people left and left us to close the show.  Even though alot of the people left, the guys from Leap Of Faith recorded our set also theres as well, for like a compilation live DVD compact disc. So look to buy that soon.  In other news we dont have any more shows up to this point in the future.  We are going to take time to introduce a few new songs and we will be looking forward to play a couple of new songs when we get shows.  We are shying away from shows because of joe's request.... and we can definatly see his point why....why you say? well because we have regents and we definatly dont want to fail them so TFL wont have that many shows for the next month but for the summer thats a whole different story!  We will be putting up pictures of recording and our shows this month (village pub, sports plus, and gelinas) very soon.
Our show yesterday was alright... a mandown and home town losers both did good, i think we did good on the first set, and there was a decent amount of people, but the second one kinda sucked... king of your territory was really awesome... i think its the best song we've played live yet. the second set: not too many people, and we only played for a tiny while... you dont have much motivation when the band before you had a full crowd of their fans who didn't stay for you and the only people you have are your little brother and his friends.. w/e it happens... if you havent bought a cd, buy one... only 3$ and weve gotten a lot of good feedback. were working on a few new songs.. go to upcoming shows to hear some of them..
                                                                 later - krell
what up. krell here... the CD sales have been doing pretty damn good lately. we made and sold almost 70 already! its pretty good, were not in debt anymore and were getting more CD's for this weekends show.. i know its a boy scout thing but its only 3$ and u can see a few bands... a MaNDOWN and Home Town Losers are also playing with us... we'll try to have the exact schedule on the site before the show.. theres also some other acts... just like random dancers and stuff... its fun for the whole family!!!! well the CD is only 3$ and if you havent already picked it up, pick it up at the show! were setting up a paypal to send merch to u guys and u can order it online... it will be up in about a month w/ some friends of ours... well i hope to see y'all at the show... later
                                                               - Krell
HEY GUYS!!! great show yesterday at the village pub.  Thank you's go out to ryan scherer and tom helfrich for getting on stage to sing aneurysm.... that was amazing.  Thanks to erick kramer for taking the digital fotos.  And thank you to nick larock for setting up a pretty cool merch table with the merch on display showing how much it costs it was a neat little set up.  Congratulations to confined with a good performance .... amazing for there first show ever.  Scooby donts rocked the stage as usual.  Otherwise thank you to those who bought the cd. for those of you who have give feedback in the g-book.  We are very sorry to "my big new pants"  for the owner deciding to be a douche bag and not let you play the show.
We are finally done with the cd.  We would like to thank tinny and brian from kurby for taking time out of there days to come and help make the cd with there really cool cakewalk system A track mixer.  We would also like to thank Rob Turner and Nick Starrentino because you were our original drummers and the only thing we got out you was the high hat roll on "stuck in my basement" however that song is not on the cd.  OUR CD RELEASE DATE IS SCHEDULED FOR SATURDAY APRIL 26TH AT THE VILLAGE PUB SHOW.  get a cd or just dont. 3 dollars.
                                                                                  ~ TFL
Hey guys we recorded today and we got everything done.  All we have to do is the vocals and mastering and then we are set to sell.  We got really amazing shows lined up for you.  An amazing show 5/3/03 is set to take place at sports plus 25 thousand people!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! are expected to show.  18thousand have already bought tickets and there is still a month left to buy. This may have sounded strange to you so check the shows page for more detail and you'll  why there will be so many people attending.  We think its really great that us and a-MaNDOWN get to play this show because both of us have tamir for bass and both bands get to expierence a great show w/out band getting there feelings hurt.
some cool stuff for ya. We got 3 shows for the spring break vacation should be fun.  Our next and last(mostlikely) recording date is this weekend April 13th. This may be asking a lot but if we get everything done this weekend and make a few cds we will begin to sell at one of the shows but im not promising anything.  Village pub debut most likely will be April 26th but still up in the air.... Please we want guestbook entries from new people! we need to get our guestbook page # to 141 topping patent pending in the next year.... no im just kidding
Thanks to the people we know and love who made the show. its greatly appreciated.  we made 4 dollars in selling pins. so that means 8 pins were sold (awesome). the show was pretty good. Playing there was pretty fun.  Congratulations to Amerilles on there debut show. they were really good. in other news our cd is almost done. most likely we will have 1 more session with kurby next next sunday April 13th. much love
The Scooby Donts and The Misled have been added to the show on the 29th.  Originally it was slim to none and yesterday who was playing, Now its TFL, TSD, the misled, the waxinators, Deface, Yesterday, slim to none, milton, seconds to sundown, under21, and Amerilles..... yea wow. i know its far, but make an effort, its gonna be really cool. tell all of your friends to go to this 'insane' show!!
wow another show... BEEFS HOUSE!!!!!!! ahh summer memories, check the shows page once again for the info.
its tamir's birthday! give him a hug and a kiss and a jewish star cookie.  Also the show on the 29th is definate so view the shows page for more info
The talent show was last night... wow it kicked ass. It was really cool playing on a stage, and we were playing to like 200 people. we played 3 songs, and they sounded pretty good. if you were there, sign the guestbook and tell us what you thought. A friend of a friend named John was there last night. He works at a local record label called Idontno records. He told us that he liked how we sounded, and he offered to let us play at a show on March 29, and possibly a record deal, but nothing is for sure yet. Check the shows page for details on the show. We're recording again with pint size recordings this week. it should be good. later
The talent show is in a mere 2 DAYS! We're excited, and it really really blows that no other bands that we know personally got in. if only they got their tapes in on time... Well, we also have a show for The Misled's video shoot, for their song F.O.P.A., so check out the shows page for details. Were recording with "Pint Size Recordings" our 5 song demo. its gonna be called "Pocket Change". Clever, huh? It sounds awesome, and they do a good job recording, so i reccomend recording with them. In the meantime, go to and get THE SCOOBY DONT'S new demo, "Many Will Enter, Few Will Win..." I must say, its a good cd, so you asswholes better buy it and support a frieken awesome band. also, the aMaNDOWN cd is coming out soon... oh man i cant wait. its gonna be called "12 Reasons to Press Stop" but its gonna have about 12 reasons to keep the cd playing... well thats all folks, check in once in a while for more news, and updates. Oh yeah, buy some pins...
hello aliens, finally we have a show at the ward melville talent show on the big auditorium stage , it will be neat. check us out while we play are very unexpected 12 minute set.  peace out water sprout
hello online friends! sorry about not updated anything in a month and 3 days! you probably could careless though. BIG NEWS!  we are recording with the band that probably influenced most of the local punk bands that we play with today and that is KURBY(r.i.p).  we will start this process 2/30/02 on sunday.  we will start with the drums then move on to the bass, guitar, then vocals for 7 bucks an hour.  We are also invited to play at the misleds video shoot thing but has not been confirmed yet  but we will put that show in the shows section once we hear in further detail.  We are also thinking of sending a tape to ward melville's talent show crap.  we might as well do it because the girl stacy has already called me twice about and yea... if we do actually get picked to play we are going to play probably punk rock king(just for eddie) and kick it into a funny cover which will not be mentioned untill we get to play it.... and on another note we are still awaiting the call of a rampage employee to let us know if we will be playing in the mid march era of 2003. SK8AS fo lyfe ya heard me?  We greatly appreciate the people who still come to this site. dont worry we are still a band
holy cheeze its two entries in one day! we forgot to mention in the last entry that during the (practice/show) for nick larock is that we brought up 2 new songs to the table. One was a really intense song with deep meaningful lyrics, and the other was this crazy insano ska song with these totally insano lyrics that might not make anysense what so ever to the average person but in the end you can tell the lyrics meant something (we just express it in different words, in this song) this is definatly one of the most funnest songs to play for us, these 2 songs will not be on our demo to be released but look forward to be seeing them on the next one.  We have no name for the 2 songs that we made but we will let you know what the 2 songs will be titled....
some interesting news for you guys.... mike and tamir went to castle golf to see the show and mike brought his a-mandown pins and TFL pins.  He had around 85 pins.  We are very shocked that even though a-mandown sold out there pins before us that we sold ou the TFL pins! and the thing is is that we didnt even play haha!  but most people said we looked familiar and that they have saw before so i guess that works out. Anywho good jobs to the bands who played.  IN OTHER NEWS we played a very minor show for only one person NICK LAROCK woo hoo.  He video taped us playing the set, it was mucho fun.     
                                              ~ Joe
hey hey we got pins and stickers for ya! e-mail the band for your purchase.  On another note we are on our way to be done with our cd.  We found a better way to record which can get it done before the next year haha.  Well anywayz theres a show at castle golf including local favorites a-MaNDOWN, The scooby don'ts, and the mis-led.  Headliners patent pending and hey you kids also with other bands.  We would have played but we are banned from that venue for no valid reason but go see the show!
Castle golf show got really messed up and were really sorry to everyone that came and hated it amd to all die hard scooby dont and kurby fans who came just to see them play. Even sorryER to the scooby donts and kruby who got scrwed over cause castle golf screwed up the booking. anyway, hopefully it wont happen again. And just for some random news i cried like a woman when i heard kurby was breaking up, it sucks
                                                                                                     - TAmir
Hello online friends, WE HAVE A SHOW JAN. 3 at CASTLE GOLF.  Please everyone has to go.  We want as many people to go as possible so we can get are freaking refund.  Yea we had to pay 50 bucks to play there, cool right?  HEADLINERS - PATENT PENDING, FALSE APPEARENCE, with TFL, Scooby donts, Mandown.  The least you can do is show up because i rode my bike 5 miles to the castle, when i was sick, while doing christmas shopping.  Youll have a good time.  JANUARY 3rd!!!! if you have questions view the shows page. 
                                                                                                 - Mike
sorry we haven't updated the site in a while, none of us really know how to do it but tamir, and hes a lazy bastard. Well, we got cancelled out of the Coffee House, but at the last moment, there was an opening, so we filled in. The only bad parts were that we had to play first, and only a 20 minute set. Our Set list was 1) Thrice - To What End 2) Make Me Sick 3) Stuck In My Basemnt 4) Apathy 5) Punk Rock King 6) King Of Your Territory. We messed up a few times where you could notice, but i guess it wasn't really a big deal. Everyone told us that we were good, so i guess we were good. We need more gigs, so if youre playing a gig, or having a party that needs a band, email us!! By The Way, Ryan is an amazing drummer and were really happy that we got to him before anyone else did. We started recording a 7 Track ep last Saturday, but its pretty hard, so we only got Punk Rock King done, and i just made up new lyrics, so it needs to be recorded again!  oh man its gonna be fun.... We'll be putting pictures on the site soon, so look for those. Later
                                                                                                                                  - Krell
HEY GUYS! we have kicked out are kid drummer cause he's a gay prick and didnt want to practice. so we got RYAN BRODERICK! he is an amazing "drummest" "drummer""percusionist" what ever you want to call a person who plays the drum. he has an 800 watt pa with two speakers and a "MONITOR(oh shit man!)" we are looking forward to have a few shows in the future so book us for a party some time but not so soon because thats a lotofpressure to be brought up on ryan.hopefully we will get this first demo that includes 7 songs. but we need to work hard! catch yall in latesville PEACE- :)
                                                                                                                                               ~ Mike
We think that were probably gonna play at the Ward Melville cofee house around Thanksgiving. Think a few other bands are playing too, so everyone go, well tell you more later. sign guestbook and make us happy.
              - Tamir
Mike came over my house a few times in the past week.  We screwed around on my crappy drumset and jammed a little.  We wrote 3 songs along the way.  We dont want them to be instrumentals, so were gonna have to write lyrics to them.  We haven't had a practice besides the jam sessions since our concert at castle golf.  Were hoping to have one this weekend.  We have an email adress and we would like to use it for the first time.  Were gonna have a contest!   yeah, we dont really have a logo at all, so we want YOU to use your mind and come up with one.  If you make one on like paint or something, send it to  We also are going to have a show!  We aren't sure exactly when yet, but we think it will be in november, and it will be at the Ward Melville coffee house.  You have to sign up to play, so if your band is in Three Village, and you are half decent, and hopefully punk, and not Andrew W.K. cover bands, email us for information on how to sign up.  People, please sign the guestbook with feedback!  Lates y'all
- Krell
This is the first day our new site is up. I know it's about a week after the concert, but I just wanna say that the show at caslte golf was awesome and everyone who played did amazing, especially patent pending. I think we did alright considering we only had two practices with all five of us.
- Tamir

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